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בחניון הנוודים: קרון מדברי מדליק ללינה של עד 10 איש, אהל בדואי ללינה של עד 30 איש,nbsp


חורף מדליק בכפר הנסתר: לינות, אירוחים, ארוחות - ברוכים תהיוnbsp


שמחים להודיע על פתיחת חניון הנוודים של רוכבי הגמלים בשחרות לעונת הטיולים הקרובה

היכרות אמיתית עם המדבר


Bar / Bat Mitzvah tour


A Journey to Adulthood


Added value to your Bat / Bar Mitzvah tour

Family & youth Journeys through the Holly Land

Reintroducing depth & values to the ancestral ceremony

In our off the beaten track Tour of Israel, we’ll relate to:

Me & Myself / Me & my Family / Me & my Nation

Together with interesting people that we’ll meet along the way for short sessions, who will create a friendly connection to our heritage, we’ll meet different cultures, engage in some community work, we’ll go through hands on experiences in Israel, visit exiting places & talk about many issues that concern the Bar Mitzvah, we’ll prepare the Drasha, and create a meaningful unforgettable Bar Mitzvah ceremony.



For Reservations and more Information Please Call:

      +972-8-6373218  /  +972-54-4956030  / +972-52-3351357



Family Journeys in Israel program

 Reintroducing depth & values to the ancestral ceremony

in our off-the-beaten-track tour of Israel

Topics we are dealing with:

Me & Myself, Me & My Family

Me & My People

We offer an unforgettable hands-on experience, touring exciting places, meeting people from different cultures, and participating in meaningful community service. 

We promise a friendly connection to our heritage.  We will prepare the Drasha and create a meaningful service as your child becomes a bar or bat mitzvah. 

On the tour, we’ll talk with you and your children about the many issues that concern them and Israeli youth, while visiting parts of Israel that most visitors never see.

How does it work?

The Family will be touring in Israel, guided by Amir, visiting all the “must see” places and enjoying off-the-beaten- track light adventures, about 4-8 times in preset places, we’ll meet with Interesting figures, who will brings their insight sessions to the tour, we will do fun activities connected to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, we’ll listen to Jewish heritage tails, we’ll experience the old and wise ways of addressing problematic issues, and we’ll read interesting stories from the Bible,

The whole family will be involved in some of the activities, and some will be only for the young at heart,

Our tour will evolve around the Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, most of the time in interesting lightweight happenings, at other times in deep thinking,

We hope that by the end, the family as a whole will be strengthen & the Bar/ Bat Mitzvah happier with the coming future

Items that we’ll prepare on tour:

The good stone pouch: the Bat/Bar Mitzvah will make a pouch, in it they will keep their daily good stone [a nice stone that they will find], on the stones a word can be written with a good virtue of the person

The strength book: a travel book that others can write good things for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, promoting his / hers strong aspect

Dairy: a personal travel dairy to be field by the Bar/Bat Mitzvah 

The Journey Shirt: a shirt for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah that is going to have drawing by the rest of the family, with sentences of the boy/girl strength & good virtues

Youth Groups Program

Father – Son / Mother – Daughter, challenging Adventure


Added value to your Bat / Bar Mitzvah tour

Fun: outdoor camping, hiking beautiful Israel from south to north, finding remote water places, exploring the underground mysteries of Jerusalem, 

Responsibility:  building up camp, cooking on the fire, navigating, loading the gear,

Added value: making the good stones pouch, keeping a dairy, drawing the Journey Shirt, biblical bedtime stories, Hassidic tales, community work, prepare the Drasha, prepare the ceremony, our Journey will evolve around this 3 topics:

Me & Myself / Me & my Family / Me & my Nation

Together with Interesting people who will join our tour, and will help us get closer to ourselves & our heritage, with singing, storytelling & Fun Learning Activities


Why Us?


Because we really do care!

In my years of guiding families in their Bar / Bat Mitzvah tour to Israel, the tours were lots fun and emotional at times,  I could feel that the parents were looking for something more,

I have looked for a way to add some more Bar Mitzvah characteristics to my tours, and after wonderful and enriching work that I done with good friends, I can say that I am very proud with the Journey that came out of it, the Journey is loaded with added value, that is handed to you, through fun light adventure activities

About us:


An Avid explorer & traveler, a desert & "off-the-beaten-track" experience specialist, with a passion for fun adventures, and a big craving for the local, simple things that make this amazing region so full of energy.
I live in Shaharut - a small desert community. I have a relaxed manner, I try to weave together the simple local experiences: tastes, smells, sounds and touch, to provide encounters with local peoples, adventure activities as well as "must see locations". Combining them all, into an authentic and enjoyable exposure to: Israel, Palestine & Jordan- an amazing web of cultures, history, & nature.



For Reservations and more Information Please Call:

      +972-8-6373218  /  +972-54-4956030  / +972-52-3351357